What Are The Ultralight And Lightweight Golf Bags For 2020? The Top 5 Lightweight Golf Bags In 2020.

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A lightweight golf bag of good quality is absolutely essential if you truly want to have an enjoyable time on the golf course. A well manufactured golf bag goes a long way in protecting all your golf equipment.  Regardless of whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned player, buying a good golf bag will surely enhance your golfing experience.  

Guideline for buying a lightweight golf bag

It can certainly get a bit overwhelming when you set out to purchase a golf bag. There are a plethora of options available. A newcomer can certainly get very confused but by taking a step by step approach you can make things quite simple.

First off, you have to consider a few factors before deciding on a golf bag to buy. The price, material quality, sturdiness, longevity and functionality all will have an influence on your decision. One factor which will go a long way in ensuring that you are comfortable with your golf bag is the actual weight of the bag itself. No one wants to carry a big heavy load on their back while making their way around the golf course. A lightweight golf bag allows you to fully focus on your game without any physical strain while saving you additional costs of cabs and caddies as you can carry the bag yourself easily. A lightweight bag allows you to enjoy the social aspect of the game of golf without any extra worries.

Another thing that you should be aware of are the types of golf bags. Usually there are three types available which are Tour, Cart and Stand Bags. Tour bags are mostly used by professionals and can get quite heavy when fully loaded. We will steer clear of them. Cart bags are another type which provide ample space but do have some mobility problems.  The type of golf bag which most amateur golfers prefer are Stand Bags. Stand Bags can provide you with the best of both worlds. They are practical, stylish, comfortable and easy to carry. Golfers who prefer to walk rather than using a cart prefer these so stand bags are the ones which you will look for if you are looking to buy a lightweight bag.

Once you have the information about the characteristics and different types of golf bags you can go ahead and buy one. Fortunately for you there are many ultra light options available for you in the market. To make matters easy for you we have come up with a list of the best lightweight golf bags in 2020.  These bags will prove to be fantastic companions on the course and investing in any one of them will not put a huge dent in your pocket. Despite being very light these bags provide ample storage space for your equipment, fantastic functionality and additional features as well.

Top 5 Lightweight Golf Bags For You To Buy in 2020

  1. Titleist 2020 Players 4 Carbon Golf Stand Bag

Starting off our list of the best lightweight bags is the Titleist Players 4 Carbon. Titleist have a strong reputation to uphold in the golfing world and they have definitely done that with their new entry. It has a top diameter of 8 inches. The bag comes with a four way top for easy accessibility and is equipped with four full length dividers for your equipment. The dividers secure your clubs, preventing any form of damage. The material is quite strong ensuring longevity. The stand is stable and balanced, made of carbon fibre. It has 5 pockets which include a water bottle pocket, an apparel pocket and most importantly a rangefinder pocket as well. The bag comes with foam cushioned and extremely comfortable double straps. The straps are convertible as well. An umbrella holder, towel ring, pen holder and a rain hood are also features of this bag.  The Titleist 2020 Players 4 is very easy on the eye and with all of it’s features comes at a meagre weight of only 3.7 pounds.

Dimensions: 35.5 Height x 8″ Width x 12.5″ Depth

  1. Sun Mountain 2020 3.5 LS Golf Stand Bag

Sun Mountain has been known for their golf equipment for a long time now. They certainly know how to make a quality golf bag so next up on our list is the Sun Mountain 2020 3.5 LS which weighs at only 3.5 pounds. But don’t let the weight fool you. This bag is certainly not short on storage space or features. The bag has a 9 inch diameter and a 4 way top. 4 full length dividers along with seven pockets which will be more than enough for most golfers. There is a full length apparel pocket and multiple pockets for your accessories and valuables. It can be carried as either a dual strap or a single strap bag and the straps are well padded and comfortable. The bag itself is made of high quality material and the stand is a very durable one made of carbon fibre.  A rain hood further adds to the qualities of this bag. In addition to it’s practicality the Sun Mountain 3.5 LS is a pretty sleek looking bag as well.

Dimensions: 36″ Height x 9″ Width x 12″ Depth

  1. Mizuno K1-l0 Golf Stand Bag

Mizuno is a Japanese equipment company which has been recently making a name for itself amongst the golfing community worldwide. One of their latest offerings is a very modern golf bag that certainly warrants a place in our list, the Mizuno K1-10. It weighs at an amazingly light 2.9 pounds.  Despite being very light it does not lack practicality. The Mizuno K1-10 has a 4 way top with a diameter of 8 inches. 3 full sized dividers provide adequate storage space and protection for you clubs. The 5 pockets include a zippered accessories pockets and a zippered ball pocket. Straps with highly dense foam keep your shoulders comfortable. Side grab handles make it a very easy bag to move around. Additional features include a towel loop and a rain hood as well. All these features along with a well – built stand make this bag a fantastic purchase.

Dimensions: 35″ Height x 11.5″ Width x 11.5″ Depth

  1. Callaway Fairway C Double-Strap Stand Bag

Callaway is a household name of the golfing world. Their golf bags are renowned for high quality craftsmanship. It was impossible to not include one of their most renowned bags in our list. The CALLAWAY FAIRWAY C DOUBLE-STRAP STAND BAG golf bag design promotes muscle flexibility and movement. The bag’s weight is spread evenly to minimize the strain on your back and shoulders. The bag and the stand legs are manufactured with premium material. It also has very comfortable OptiFit padded straps and a new X-Act Fit strap system for balance. Furthermore, 6 pockets and 4 full size dividers provide optimum storage. A 4 way top with a 9 inch diameter ensures easy accessibility. The pockets include a water resistant valuables pocket, a ball pocket and an accessories pocket. It is also equipped with a strong grab handle for easy manoeuvrability and is available in several different colours. Even though with all these features it might sound like the Callaway Fairway C might be a heavy bag but Callaway have managed to keep the weight at an astoundingly low 4.2 pounds.

Dimensions: 34″ Height x 11″ Width x 12.5″ Depth

  1. Mizuno BR-D3 Golf Stand Bag

We round off our list of these high performance lightweight bags with another Mizuno entry, the BR-D3 Golf Stand Bag. This bag surely deserves it’s place in this list.  With a weight of only 4.2 pounds this bag has amazing functionality. The material used in making the bag is of a high grade. The stand is sturdy and well balanced. A four- way top with a diameter of 9.5 inches makes the bag very convenient one to use. For storage, four full length dividers and seven pockets provide you with more than adequate space. The pockets include a waterproof valuables pocket, a ball pocket and a drink pouch. Another unique factor is a zip off front panel which you can customize. The Mizuno BR-D3 comes with very comfortable dual straps making it very easy to carry the bag. A matching rain hood further adds to the functionality of this bag. Overall, a very solid bag.

Dimensions: 36″ Height x 8.5″ Width x 13″Depth


So there you have it. The above mentioned bags will provide great bang for your buck and last for a while. These modern contemporary bags are very convenient to use.  Any one of these bags will be a great choice as they all come with the qualities that will ensure that you have nothing to complain about. Ultimately the final decision depends on your preferences and comfort. Trust your instinct and go for the one you feel the most comfortable with. Happy Golfing!

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